International Atmospheric Electricity (AE) Workshop

An international AE Workshop was held in Sopron between June 27 and July 2, 2022 following the week of the ICAE2022 Conference in Tel Aviv. Foreign participants were Earle Williams (MIT, USA), Alexander Shvets (Ukraine), Janusz Mlynarczyk (Poland), Anirban Guha (India), Yakun Liu (China, USA). The members of the AE Research Group of the Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science (EPSS) have been in collaborative relations with them. Tamás Bozóki, Ernő Prácser, Gabriella Sátori, and József Bór took part in the workshop from the AE Research Group. The workshop was organized in hybrid form with personal presence or in online way. Some actual scientific issues were discussed among the participants: 1) What can be the reasons that the measured and modeled SR spectra are different in the case of the 1st (2nd) modes. 2) Advantage and disadvantage of different spectral methods applied in SR data processing. 3) Application of 1D SR inversion. 4) Importance of nodal crossing in SR frequency observations from the point of view of lightning dynamics (motion of squall lines in South America). Professor Earle Williams with his wife as well as Gabriella Sátori and József Bór visited the Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory after the meeting on Sunday (July 3) in the frame of a half day excursion to Fertőd.