The CSFK Geodetic and Geophysical Institute (currently: Institute of Earth Physics an Space Science) has always been at the forefront of professional journals.

Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica is jointly published by SpringerNature and Akadémiai Kiadó it is an English-language journal of Earth science founded in 1966. The journal publishes original research papers in the field of geodesy and geophysics under headings: aeronomy and space physics, electromagnetic studies, geodesy and gravimetry, geodynamics, geomathematics, rock physics, seismology, solid earth physics, history.

Publications in Geomatics is a periodical journal since 1998 issuing generally one number a year. The purpose of the journal is to provide the home researchers and experts a forum to publish, mainly in Hungarian language, their new scientific results in the field of geosciences (geodesy, photogrammetry, geoinformatics, physical geodesy, geophysics, Earth magnetism, geodynamics, research of the inner structure of the Earth and the physics of its troposphere and solar-terrestrial environment) obtained from the analysis of spatial-temporal data using the methods of geomatics.

Publication of the observatory geophysical data in the Geophysical Observatory Reports and in the Hungarian Seismological Bulletin are basic academic task and are also commitment to international organizations.