Szabóné André, Karolina

Szabóné André, Karolina

Szabóné André, Karolina

Post: research assistant, secretarial assistant (library, MTMT, EISZ, FITT secretary, etc.)
Phone: +36 99-508-365
Office 1.09

  • MTMT administrator (level 5)
  • FITT secretary
  • “librarian”
  • EISZ contact person
  • COMPASS administrator
  • innovation manager
  • secretarial assistant
  • young researcher
  • co-editor of Geophysical Observatory Reports/Geofizikai Obszervatóriumi Közlemények (



Most important publications from the last 5 years

Szabóné André, K., Bartholy, J., Pongrácz, R. and Bór, J.: Local identification of persistent cold air pool conditions in the Great Hungarian Plain. Időjárás – Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service 125(2), 167–336, (2021).

Kourtidis, K., Szabóné André, K., Karagioras, A., Nita, I.-A., Sátori, G., Bór, J. and Kastelis, N.: The influence of circulation weather types on the exposure of the biosphere to atmospheric electric fields. Int. J. Biometeorol., 65, 93–105 (2021).

Bór, J., Sátori, G., Barta, V., Szabóné-André, K., Szendrői, J., Wesztergom, V., Bozóki, T., Buzás, A. and Koronczay, D.: Measurements of atmospheric electricity in the Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory, Hungary. Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 11, 53–70, (2020).

Pieczka, I., Bartholy, J., Pongrácz, R. and Szabóné André, K.: Validation of RegCM regional and HadGEM global climate models using mean and extreme climatic variables. Időjárás – Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service, 123(4), (2019).

Pieczka, I., Pongrácz, R., Bartholy, J. and Szabóné André, K.: Future temperature projections for Hungary based on RegCM4.3 simulations using new Representative Concentration Pathways scenarios. International Journal of Global Warming, 15(3), 277-292 (2018).

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