Csaba Szabó’s scientific work at the Goldschmidt International Conference

This year marked the 33th occasion of the Goldschmidt Conference, organised by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society (https://conf.goldschmidt.info/goldschmidt/2023/meetingapp.cgi). This highly prestigious conference in the field of geochemistry, counting thousands of attendants, was held between the 9-14th of July in the city of Lyon, France. Several researchers of the two Lendület Groups (Pannon LitH2Oscope; Fluidsbydepth) hosted by our institute have presented their most recent scientific results.

However, the most important part of the conference for our community was without doubt the session honouring the scientific work of Prof. Csaba Szabó, who has been teaching and researching for decades at Eötvös Loránd University, and is currently a senior research associate at the Institute of Earth and Space Physics. Organisation of the session has been carried out by former students of his from all over the world, as well as collaborating researchers (Prof. Bernardo Cesare from the University of Padova) – of course without Csaba’s awareness.

The session, entitled ‘Geochemical and geodynamical processes of the lithosphere based on fluid, silicate, carbonatite, and sulfide melt inclusions of the upper mantle and crust (session in honor of Dr. Csaba Szabó)’ had 17 oral and 15 poster presentations. A keynote talk was given by Robert Bodnar (Virginia Tech, USA), a renowned expert in fluid and melt inclusions and Csaba’s former mentor. In his talk, he praised Csaba’s career in the light of his most significant scientific results and successful collaborations, which is proven by his many generations of students currently working all over the world. Invited speakers in the session were Enikő Bali (University of Iceland), Costanza Bonadiman (University of Ferrara, Italy), and Gregory M. Yaxley (Australian National University, Australia).

The session and its positive reception was a great tribute to Csaba Szabó and thanks to him to our institute as well.


Group photo of the Hungarian delegation at the end of the session.


Csaba Szabó in the gala dinner organized in the honor of him.