Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory

MTA CSFK GGI Széchenyi István Geofizikai Obszervatórium

The Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory was founded in 1957 in the year of the  International Year of Geophysics, when space research started with the monitoring and investigation of the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere. The Observatory was dedicated for the research of the Earth’s electromagnetic field of external origin.  The observatory is part of the INTERMAGNET network, in addition it provides geomagnetic measurements, Earth’s current data (tellurics), atmospheric electricity potential gradient measurements, Schumann resonance (ELF range) observations, observation of VLF  radio waves (spherics and whistler wave propagation) triggered by atmospheric electrical discharge and continuous monitoring of the E and F layers of the ionosphere.

Official IAGA name of the observatory:

IAGA-code of the observatory: NCK.

More information available at the webpage of the observatory.